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Recycled Tights


This is a Snag Labs product, at a lower price while we gather feedback.

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Snag 60 denier recycled tights are a brand new, never done before by us product. They are made with 60% recycled materials, and we’ve developed them to see if it’s possible to make recycled tights to the same standard and quality as our current tights. Let's work together to save the planet, one pair of tights at a time.

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Sustainability has and always will be a main Snag objective and we are constantly trying to make our products and our business more environmentally conscious. In an ideal world we would bring a complete circle into the tights economy.

We have worked hard to develop a recycling process for our standard tights, making them the only nylon tights in the world that can be recycled. But we know a lot of you like to wear things made from recycled materials to start with, so we’ve been investigating this approach as well.

We are limited by what is currently available to us, however working with our main yarn supplier we think we’ve found an option that would let us produce tights on a large scale from recycled materials.

  • Composition: 89% Polyamide 10% Elastane 1% Cotton Gusset
  • (Click here to compare all our colours)
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Buy any 5 pairs of tights or shorts get 10% off
  • Buy any 10 pairs of tights or shorts get 15% off
  • Free shipping on orders over €100

Care: Always wash your Snags before wearing them the first time, this ensures no residual dye is left on them. Always wash your tights with similar colours as they may run in the wash. Tights and shorts can get caught in the drum of a washing machine, so always either hand wash or put them inside a pillow case or lingerie bag to protect them. Always squeeze dry, don’t tumble dry, and avoid direct heat as it degrades the stretch.

Size Guide All Tights

Tights Size Guide

Choosing the perfect size of Snag tights is really easy. Just find your regular clothing size in the chart and trace along to find your height. Your Snag size will be a letter in the table. There are two different types depending if you have a prominent bum and tum or not. 

Curvilicious (Prominent bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <160cm 163cm-173cm 175cm-196cm
32/34 A/B A/B C
36/38 C C D
40/42 D D E
44/46 E E F
48/50 Short F F G
52/54 Short F F G
56-64 G G G

Athletic (Small or flat bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <160cm 163cm-173cm 175cm-196cm
32/34 A/B A/B A/B
36/38 A/B A/B C
40/42 C C D
44/46 D D E
48/50 E E F
52/54 Short F F G
56-64 G G G

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