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Although there’s a lot of swimwear on the market it’s very very hard to find something that fits well. Each of our swimwear pieces have been fully fitted on every size, multiple heights and body shapes (normally a piece of clothing is fitted on a size 8 and then mathematically graded up to other sizes).

So other than fitting really well, what makes Snag Swimwear different?

We’ve planned for tummies.
Most swimwear feels too short in the body. Because they’ve been designed on people without bums or tums. Swimwear can also be too narrow in the crotch area and leave your tummy poking out the sides. We’ve fixed all that so you should have plenty of room even in a one piece and it shouldn’t leave your tummy exposed.

Support without pain.
We’ve decided against using metal underwires and used power-mesh instead to give great support even on large breasts without any digging in or pain.

Adjustable coverage.
Sometimes you want things to look a little skimpier and sometimes you want more coverage, our pieces have been designed to give you the best of both worlds so you can customise them to you.

Just to reiterate every single body is beach ready! I spent years of my life covering up in massive swim dresses - now I wear a bikini, because it’s my life and my body and I want to. We are here for you, however much or little you want to show. It’s your choice.

If you have any problems deciding what to go for, we are here on web chat, socials and email to help.

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