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Wardrobe Essentials For Every Body

Do you want to fill your wardrobe with easy, throw on pieces for well rounded, put together outfits? Look no further than our essentials edit.

Make every look effortless with our selection of tights and clothes that are anything but basic. With something for everyone no matter your size, keep scrolling to discover our epic collection of Snag Staples you'll want in your wardrobe.

120 Denier Skin Tone Tights Are Here

Super opaque, super soft and great for obscuring leg hair, scars and tattoos. Perfect for colder weather, your legs will look like your legs, but covered and toasty, while aerated yarn means they can still breathe.

What Denier Tights Should I Wear?

In simple terms, the higher the denier the thicker, more opaque and more durable the tights.

Our most popular tights are 80 denier, which are a great all rounder that will keep you warm in the winter but cool in the summer. They have an opaque coverage, are super durable and go with every outfit.

For something a bit lighter, our 50 deniers area great middle ground, giving a semi-opaque coverage. They're great for every day wear and balance between durability and sheerness for a lovely look on the legs.

For barely there sheer coverage for the lightest of colour, try 30 deniers which are great for warmer weather or special occasions where you really want your legs to shine.

For ultimate toasty warmth, try our 120 denier tights. They're totally opaque and keep you nice and warm when its chilly out.


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