Why Chub Rub Shorts?

Talc, glide, deodorant? They might stop chub rub for a short time, but they aren’t a permanent solution. Our chub rub shorts will prevent chaffing for the whole time you wear them. So you can hike in a dress, lounge around in comfort or wear a dress or skirt without any fear.

What Snagglers Say

Chub Rub Shorts Are Life!

Needed some lightweight chub rub shorts for under my wedding dress and these were amazing! Super comfy, kept me feeling great all day

— Hannah

Best Buy Ever

Best purchase ever. I bought some chub rub shorts and they are fantastic. They don’t roll down at all which is great and exactly what I wanted. Will be buying more of them.

— Alison

All Hail Chub Rub Shorts

This is my second pair of Snag Chub Rub Shorts and they make wearing skirts and dresses so much more comfortable. My first pair is just starting to fray around the edges after a year of washing and wearing so excited to receive my brightly coloured replacement. Love this small business

— Emmalene