About Me - Thigh High Socks

Why did we make this?: You told us you couldn’t get thigh-high socks to fit. So, we fixed that. Trialled and tested on our inclusive size range we've created socks that are comfortable, stylish, cosy and won’t dig or squish your thighs. Perfect for luxurious lounging and keeping those legs nice and toasty.

Why is this special?: These socks are hand-knitted in fluffy vegan yarn that's oh-so-soft and snuggly, great for keeping you warm on those chilly winter days. They come in two different sizes to cover a range of leg and thigh sizes, with a tie at the top to help them stay up if you need it. Wear around the house to lounge in style, or wear outdoors over tights or leggings for the ultimate staying power. They even make excellent boot socks for the cosiest outdoor adventures

How did we design this? Snag thigh high socks are designed on a UK size 24 model and then fit tested on models of every size to ensure the perfect fit. We don't change suppliers and over years have built a relationship that ensures consistent, long-lasting, recyclable tights, that are more ethical and better for your wardrobe.